MOBILE INNOVATION LTD. is a dome of Information and Communication Creativity for young engineers and one of the leading ICT Think Tanks in Ghana. Its reputation has been built on innovation and delivery of excellence user friendly ICT solutions.

Incorporated both in the United States and in Ghana, Mobile Innovation offers the most advanced IT solutions, supporting full business cycle: preliminary consulting, system development and deployment, quality assurance and supports.

We specialize in the design and development of complex software systems. The Company’s diversity of technical expertise, its agile responsiveness to custom requirements, and its proven commitment to superior delivery technologies have established it as a frontrunner in the ICT Consulting industry.

With a rich experience of all its staff and partner organizations, MOBILE Innovation is committed to building long lasting strategic partnerships with its clients to ensure extremely competitive and affordable prices, timely delivery and measurable business results.

Mobile Innovation Ltd. under the Breeze Development, has packaged complex Hospital Management software systems designed for Hospital Digitization and Automation, Orbit Development is a dynamic Vehicle management system, Tracking and Booking Application, Succour Development is an online Grocery store, Rent and asset management software, Spark Development is a novelty Investment Coin system (Crypto-GH), Sankofa Development is our hallmark document management system. Other cutting edge software in Accounting, ERP, CRM, GPS (MI-TRACKER) and many more.

Our Mantra

Our living mantra is creativity and originality. And our professionalism gives it a definite shape in the form of our products & solutions. Our company is staffed by a team of extremely talented professionals with a strong background in Information Technology, management and Digital Marketing. All these united qualities enable the mobile innovation team to meet the rigid standards of quality as demanded in this sector.

Quality Assurance

An assurance of quality - Our skill sets and tools are the invaluable assets that help us deliver high quality, project realization solutions to our clients. Our technical and design infrastructure give us the advantage to provide cost- effective, robust and scalable solution for our clients.